How to rejuvenate with Anti-Aging Medicine HGH?

Anti-Aging Medicine HGH for body rejuvenation

hgh therapy anti aging

An extremely elaborate and advanced program in the field of Anti-Aging medicine focused on HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Replacement Hormone Therapy has immense benefits including:

– Fat Burning
– Increasing energy level
– A more optimistic attitude and a better sense of humor
– Increased muscle mass, especially in people who exercise
– Improving muscle tone
– Improved nail growth
– Better digestion
– Improved sexual function
– Increased physical strength
– Improved vision, including night vision
– Improvement of mental processes
– Accelerated wound healing
– Improvement of premenstrual symptoms
– Greater flexibility of the body
– Improvement of menopausal symptoms
– Hair growth
– Increased sexual appetite
– Reduction of joint pain

What is HGH?

Human Growth hormone or HGH is a protein composed of a chain of 191 amino acids. HGH (somatotropin) is one of the hormones secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. After it is released by the pituitary gland it is rapidly taken up by the liver and transformed into growth factors, the most important of which being IGF-1.

Growth factors are messengers that carry messages to the cells of the body. This communication regulates cell growth, telling them when to live and when to die. Cellular regeneration slows down if cells are not stimulated by HGH growth factors.

Throughout life, the growth hormone is responsible for the growth and development of the body. Once adulthood is reached, HGH is equally important because it affects every cell in the body helping to maintain them and the entire body in good health. Adequate HGH levels for maintaining health are required for maintaining optimal muscle mass/fat ratio, libido and sexual function at the maximum level; however, as we get older, the pituitary gland releases smaller amounts of HGH into the bloodstream.

Role of Growth Hormone in the Aging Process

Clinical studies show a direct correlation between low HGH levels in adults and the effects of aging. Growth hormone deficiency in adults is called “somatopause”.

The decreasing levels of growth hormone and other hormones cause a reduction in the ability of normal parameters to function. For example, growth hormones responsible for muscle mass formation (growth hormone, testosterone and thyroxine) decrease dramatically as we get older. For this reason, the proportion of body fat increases and the proportion of muscle mass decreases even if we eat properly and exercise daily and even if we apparently do not gain weight.

On average, after 35 years of age, the body fat content increases by 50% while muscle and bone mass is reduced by 30%.

The amount of growth hormone released by the pituitary gland after the age of 31 years decreases by approximately 14% per decade. This means that the HGH level is reduced to half by the age of 60. On an average, 20-year-olds have a level of about 500 mcg, 40-year-olds have levels of 200 mcg and 80-year-olds around 25 mcg of HGH.

We now know that the human body practically disintegrates and practically disappears, due to the lack of hormones; especially the growth hormone and its growth factors.

HGH and Weight loss

Thousands of doctors and medical professionals believe that HGH could be one of the most effective methods of weight loss and body weight control. There are many clinical studies that have shown that supplementation with HGH is a remarkable approach to weight loss.

An interesting finding in studies of HGH administration for weight loss is that fat loss occurrs especially in the abdomen. The deep abdominal fat layer is very difficult to remove; in addition it is often associated with an increased risk of heart attack.

Do not expect immediate results! You will have to be patient!

The reduction of hormone levels in the human body occurs in several years. Human growth hormone helps restore HGH levels but gradually. There is no method for fat loss to start from day one. This can take several weeks or even months of HGH treatment to increase HGH levels to the point where benefits such as weight loss and fat loss begin. Most of us have the experience of a diet, with its good and bad parts. HGH treatment is not a diet. With a balanced diet and a regular program of light exercise you can lose weight .

HGH for boosting Energy and Resistance

One of the most important benefits of increased HGH levels is the increase of energy and the physical resistance threshold. Increased energy and physical endurance can lead to a better ability to practice sports or exercise. Increased levels of HGH will not by themselves increase your skills but the increased energy and endurance results will allow you to work more and more efficiently to develop your skills in your favorite sport or practice fitness.

Professor Dr. L. Cass Terr, Head of the Department of Neurology at Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, conducted a study that included 900 people. 84% of them reported an increased level of energy and endurance.
The famous study conducted by Daniel Rudman indicated that there was a significant increase in energy level and effort capacity in all studies on patients who were supplemented with HGH.

HGH for Increased muscle mass and less fat

The benefits of increasing the level of growth hormone are being discovered by more and more people concerned about their health and physical condition.
Studies conducted by the University of New Mexico indicated that young adults, who are already fit, gained an average of 1.5 kg of muscle mass and lost 1.5% of body fat in 6 weeks. The ratio between muscle mass and fat increased on average by 25%.

The reference study conducted by Daniel Rudman in July 1990 showed that by increasing the level of growth hormone in the patients studied, there was an increase in muscle mass by 8.8%.

Another way in which high levels of HGH help build muscle mass and increase muscle strength is by increasing energy and endurance. If you receive energy and endurance due to the high levels of HGH the training can be more intense and more productive. More intense workouts result in increased muscle mass and strength.

HGH and menopause

The female reproductive system is a complex biosystem in which a myriad of physical and emotional factors are mixed, most of them being influenced by specific groups of hormones.

Most women reach the age of 40 with these hormones working in harmony and balance. As we approach the age of 40, there is a gradual loss of hormone balance, which is actually the main cause of menopause.

Menopause has two stages:
– Perimenopause
– Menopause.

Both are the direct result of the gradual natural decline in estrogen and progesterone production due to aging. Menopause is an inevitable process for every woman, the symptoms associated with Perimeopause and Menopause can be uncomfortable and stressful both physically and emotionally.

Estrogen Replacement Therapy (ERT)

For many years, doctors have been prescribing hormone replacement therapy using Estrogen or Progesterone, or both, to compensate for their natural loss as they age. Recent studies around the world now show that although hormone replacement therapy helps ease the symptoms of menopause, it is accompanied by serious health risks.

HGH treatment – a safe alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy

HGH treatment can bring many of the benefits of hormone replacement therapy without the risks associated with it. Human growth hormone is considered to be a “master hormone” that helps regulate the levels of other hormones in the body. Thus, increased levels of HGH restore the body’s hormonal balance and thus treat the main cause of menopause symptoms.

Natural Antidepressant

Human growth hormone is one of the most potent natural antidepressants.
There is strong evidence that increasing HGH levels improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Increasing the level of HGH can improve self-esteem and overall maintain a positive attitude.

Better sleep with HGH

There are many studies that argue that restoring HGH levels to youth values ​​leads to better quality sleep.

Do you remember how well you slept in your youth?

By helping to increase HGH levels to young age values ​​you could get back those nights when you were able to sleep deeply even during the storm.

Increased bone density with HGH therapy

By helping the body to naturally increase HGH production at a young age you can also keep your bones healthy. Increased levels of HGH go hand in hand with increased levels of Calcium, Osteocalcin and two types of Collagen, which are key factors in maintaining healthy bones.

This is especially important for women in Perimenopause, or Menopause. Menopause hormonal imbalance can, in some cases, lead to loss of bone density, resulting in varying degrees of osteoporosis .

HGH gives a stronger immune system

This is perhaps the most important benefit of HGH treatment: At puberty, our immune system works at full capacity. Many doctors now recognize that by helping the body increase its HGH levels to young age levels it will maintain a healthy immune system in the long term.

Studies conducted by Dr. Keith Keley have shown that by restoring HGH levels, various functions of our immune system are intensified and increased, such as: antibody production, T and Interleukin 2 cell production, white cell proliferation and activity, macrophage stimulation, rapid maturation neutrophils, increased erythropoiesis and the production of new red blood cells.

A resistant immune system is probably the most important of the many benefits of normalizing HGH up to the youth level!

Restoring the youthful appearance of the skin

As we get older, our skin becomes more fragile and loses its firm texture and elasticity.

In the internationally famous study conducted by Dr. Daniel Rudman, it was shown that after increasing the level of HGH, the elderly patients obtained a firmer skin with an average of 7.1%. A self-assessment study of 202 patients who had been taking Norditropin HGH injections for six months showed that two-thirds of them reported improved skin texture and thickness and increased elasticity. In the same group 61% of patients noticed fewer wrinkles and 38% reported healthier hair. Most patients begin to notice changes after only a few weeks of treatment.
The fine wrinkles practically disappeared, the deep wrinkles faded, and the facial fat decreased so that the fat bags under the eyes disappeared, and the facial muscles that lift and support the skin became stronger.

Another result is cellulite removal after a certain time. HGH also stimulates the synthesis of new proteins that support the structure of the skin. Collagen and elastin are the structural proteins that provide the foundation of the epidermis.

HGH restores the turgidity or vigor of the skin characteristic of young ages, so that at the skin fold test, the skin returns to normal, more toned and less flabby.

HGH and Sexual activity

A study by Dr. Daniel Rudman indicated that after 6 months of treatment with HGH older men included in the study achieved a significant increase in sexual performance. A report from the Nottingham Health Profile indicated that out of a group of 302 adults who underwent HGH replacement therapy 75% indicated improvement in sexual intercourse and 62% reported longer-term erections.

Sexual rejuvenation is one of the most well-known benefits of increasing HGH. It seems that as we age and hormone levels decrease, libido and sexual function decrease in parallel.

These findings have led many researchers to argue that HGH may be one of the most powerful ways to restore libido and sexual function.

Maintaining a normal blood pressure

Maintaining HGH levels in youth can improve heart and lung function, two functions that can help maintain normal blood pressure.

Studies by Dr. Daniel Rudman and other scientists have shown that by increasing HGH levels, diastolic blood pressure can be reduced by up to 10% without changing systolic pressure. (HGH is not a treatment for the prevention or treatment of hypertension).

Another way in which HGH treatment can bring blood pressure within normal limits is through exercise.

When we increase the level of HGH we increase our energy and endurance. This increase in energy and endurance allows us to either start or intensify an exercise program, and an adequate exercise program can be a positive factor for normalizing blood pressure.

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