Is HGH treatment the fountain of youth?

Staying young is possible with HGH therapy

reverse aging with hgh

Thousands of doctors and medical professionals now believe that by increasing the level of HGH in our body, we can lose weight, lose fat, restore our energy and endurance levels, get young skin and more! In short, HGH is the answer to get back your youthful days back.

What happens to the growth hormone in our body?

During the growth period, the pituitary gland produces and secretes growth hormone to its full capacity. As we age, the pituitary gland gradually decreases its secretion by 12% to 15% every 10 years. This rate of decline is normal and occurs in each of us. As we reach the middle age, endogenous growth hormone production may be 75% lower than production levels in our adolescence. What does all this mean?

Do you remember the energy and endurance you had in your youth? Remember when you were a kid and you could run and play all day without getting tired? Do you remember how you never got fat no matter how many cakes you eat? Remember how late you could stay at parties without getting tired? Remember how smooth your skin was?

Today, doctors and medical professionals believe that there is a direct correlation between the aging process and the progressive decrease of growth hormone production.

The gradual loss of energy, resistance and all other conditions that we normally associate with the aging process may be the result of the continuous decrease in growth hormone level as we age.

HGH and Clinical studies

With HGH treatment, some patients notice dramatic and immediate results, while for others the benefits are more subtle.

Every person is different ; you must consider your present state and the period in which you were in this state. Whether you notice immediate results or not, according to clinical studies, HGH treatment works like a miracle. As research shows with injectable HGH, the results appear after 3, 6 or 12 months. In his book “Feeling Younger with the Human Growth Hormone” Dr Howard Davis said: “Keep improving” year after year.

The levels of many hormones in the blood reach their peak during adolescence and around the age of twenty, then they gradually begin to decline as we age. Hormonal deficiencies that occur at older ages contribute to the emergence of various health problems and diminish the quality of our life. The level of some hormones decreases rapidly, such as the level of progesterone and estrogen at menopause, while the level of other hormones decreases slowly and progressively over several decades, including human growth hormone (HGH), testosterone, DHEA and melatonin. If normal hormonal levels from the age of 20 to 40 are safe and necessary for health and vitality, then restoring these levels to the same values ​​with natural and bio-identical hormones as you get older is safe and beneficial too.

Where to go for HGH therapy?

The first step is to find a healthcare provider with experience in this field. Blood tests are the best way to determine if substitution therapy is medically advisable for you. Although salivary tests can be used, we believe that blood tests allow us a much more rigorous evaluation. (Salivary levels vary depending on the level of hydration, hunger or satiety). Additionally, you should benefit from a rigorous physical examination detailing your medical history before starting HGH treatment. Remember that HGH means hormone replacement therapy: REPLACEMENT of deficient hormones and bringing them to normal values.

HGH is not indicated for healthy young people who only want normal hormone levels to increase. Laboratory analysis and physical test results are used to scientifically determine whether hormone levels are normal or have become deficient. If you are a suitable candidate for HGH, an individualized treatment plan can be devised.

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