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Do HGH supplements help short children grow tall ?

hgh for height

Tall and Handsome are the words which go together so well. Being taller has always been associated with great looks and part of impressive personality. Youngsters have always been obsessed with height growth and parents want to see their children grow taller. To achieve this people around the world are willing to do everything possible and spend some extra bucks. This article will discuss the use of HGH for height increase on children and also discuss the story of 10 years old Robert who is undergoing treatment for height growth.

What does Science teach about Human Growth

In a life, long bone development occurs only during the development and growth stage. Childhood and adolescence stage experiences these developments. HGH plays an important role in making bones grow during these stages. Long bone grow completely after completion of the growth and development stage of life, usually between the ages of 18 up to possibly 25. HGH then helps to keep the bones healthy and is responsible for bone density.

Few older patients taking HGH injections saw a small increase in height, that’s only about 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches to the max. This HGH injection therapy took 1 year to show those results of improvement. Increase in bone density was the real reason behind the increase in height and not any long bone growth. The therapy had probably resulted in restoration back to the patients youth bone density. It has to be noted that the bone density increases slowly.

Its advised that along with the HGH medicines, you must also discuss with your doctor and ask him to advice you on the proper diet and nutritional HGH supplements for height increase that will help you provide all that is required to optimize growth of your body.
To summarize this, it’s important to understand that once the long bones fuses, they will not grow naturally again. So once the long bones fuses, the only way the height can increase is by increasing the bone density. Hence its recommended only for those patients who have lost their bone density with the increase in age or in case they are facing any health issues.

Case Study


Now coming to the topic about the use of HGH for children, let’s have a look at Robert’s case.
Like most, ten years old Robert is a huge fan of baseball and is gearing up for next match.
Over the last few years he has spent few years at the children’s hospital undergoing few separate surgeries to remove cyst on his brain. He experienced headaches which came back several times. He had surgeries on both eyes. One side effect of these surgeries is short stature. He was gaining weight but not height. So doctors suggested that Robert should take a daily dose of HGH for 3 years. The patient feels the pain of HGH shots (HGH injections) in the beginning but later it becomes a routine. But Robert’s parents felt that the pain was worth the results because now Robert’s height growing.

Growth hormone drugs have been around for 50 years and prescribed to medical conditions like Robert. Due to the recent FDA ruling which allows the drug use for children, who are plain short, the number of children using it has risen dramatically. This has resulted in the drug getting more attention.

A recent New York Post article titled “Kids dope up to be high” It suggests that Private school students at Dalton, New York are talking HGH. The wealthy parents of these kids are looking to give them a leg up.

Sounds extreme but the drug is not prescribed lightly there are guidelines that need to be met in order to get the prescription a child must be shorter than 97% of the other children of their age or the child has a projected height far below the average which is 5 feet 3 inches for men and shorter 4 feet 11 inches for women those kids receive growth hormones you are giving them what is missing and they grow incredibly well to the expectation of how they should be as per their age. This drug comes with a hefty price and there are side effects like headaches and hip pain with no guarantee that it will work for everyone.

So in 9 months, Robert grew 3 inches and he is excited about it. He plans to play more sports and grow taller as he thinks taller is good.

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