Guilty of the aging process? HGH can help you

What are the risks of injectable HGH treatment?

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Growth hormone (HGH ) is considered by some specialists to be the key to slowing down the aging process. Growth hormone is produced by the pituitary gland (which has the shape of a pea, located at the base of the brain). HGH has the role of stimulating the normal growth of a human being since his childhood and supporting the metabolic activities of tissues and organs throughout the life.

Who should use growth hormones?

Synthetic human growth hormone, which is given by injection, is only available with a prescription and is recommended for the treatment of adults who truly have growth hormone deficiency.

The diminished level of growth hormone can be caused by the pituitary adenoma – a tumor of the pituitary gland or the surgical treatment of the adenoma or radiotherapy.

In the case of adults with growth hormone deficiency, the treatment for balancing its level could:

– increase bone density
– increase muscle mass
– decrease body fat
– improve strength and stamina

The use of human growth hormone to treat muscle problems caused by HIV / AIDS has been approved. In addition, it seems that although injectable growth hormone treatment can increase muscle mass and reduce the amount of body fat in healthy adults, this would not be an advantage as it cannot yet be established with certainty if there are other benefits offered by growth hormone for healthy adults.

What are the risks of improper growth hormone use?

The administration of growth hormone to people who do not need supplementation of hormone values ​​could have a number of side effects such as:

– carpal tunnel syndrome
– swelling in the arms and legs
– joint pain
– muscle pain
– breast enlargement in men (gynecomastia)

Growth hormone may also contribute to the onset of diabetes and heart disease. Some studies suggest that side effects of growth hormone treatments may be more common in older adults because studies that had healthy adult subjects are limited, were short-term, and it is unclear whether side effects could be treated or it would get worse.

Is there growth hormone in the form of pills?

There are various commercial presentations of human growth hormone in the form of pills that claim that it would have similar results as its injectable form. However, there is no evidence that these statements are true. Also, there is no certainty regarding the positive action of such remedies that are supposed to contain growth hormones.


If a person is concerned about various aspects of aging, he or she should ask the doctor about ways that could improve his or her health. A healthy lifestyle – healthy eating and constant physical activity, including daily routine – could make a person feel better as they get older.

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