11 easy ways to improve your longevity

Tips to stay longer

tips to improve your longevity

Living healthy is the key to living longer. There are very simple ways to make positive changes to your lifestyle, These positive lifestyle changes will help you live longer.
So lets see these selected 11 easy ways to improve longevity.

1. Take a walk
If you are in your fifties without ever doing any physical exercise or activity, a 30-minute or more brisk walk 3 times a week can practically decrease your biological age by ten to twelve years, said by Jones Gareth, the director of the Canadia Center for Activity and People, seniors in London, Ontario.

What is this claim based on? In a three year study of male retirees, half of whom did no workout and the other half of whom did a 30-minute brisk walk three times a week. Observations after 1 year showed that the second group demonstrated a 12% increase in aerobic strength and a 10% increase in hip strength and flexibility, the equivalent of what was believed they would have ever lost during a decade if they hadn’t done any exercise.

2. Eat Fish Frequently
A Food habit of eating fish two times a week helps reduce the risk of heart diseases by a 3rd.
It can also lower the chances and risk of many types of cancer and relieve the symptoms shown in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.

Omega 3 fatty acids vary the production of hormone-like substances called eicosanoids. Those produced by omega-3s have anti-inflammatory properties and decrease the production of blood clots; scientists are now confident that omega-3 fats reduce the risk of heart attack for this reason. In the event of a heart attack, it will often prove to be less fatal.

A study of people who have survived a heart attack shows that consuming one gram of omega-3 a day is enough to reduce the risk of death from a heart attack by 25%. Omega-3 fats also help reduce triglycerides, its a kind of fat stored in the blood and associated with clots, lower the abnormal heart rate and incidence of apoplexy, slow the hardening of the arteries, plaque formation and lowering blood pressure.

3. Weight Training
Scientists have long believed that there is nothing to do against muscle atrophy linked with aging. In 1990, a study by the Danish Institute showed that, among older athletes, a group of men managed to maintain a level of strength equivalent too less their age.

Other studies by Tufts University in Boston show that bone and muscle degeneration can be stopped or even reversed with weight training. Observed that after training two times a week for a year, a selected team of women (postmenopausal) between the age of 50s to 60s improved their bone density and obtained strength test results comparable to those of 30-year-old women.

4. Adopt a Pet

According to a study published in the journal of the American Geriatric Society, seniors who have pets are less likely to be depressed.

Cindy Adams, Specialist in Human-Animal Relations at the Ontario Veterinary College firmly believes that the positive effects of this relationship help in a way that animals force or help us to focus on them or something else other than thinking about ourselves. “It allows us to forget our sorrows and our little sores,” she believes.

5. Supplement Consumption
B12 Vitamin deficiency can cause dementia or memory loss; make sure you consume enough. Increase the dose of calcium to prevent osteoporosis. Daily multivitamin preparations containing some folic acid may decrease the possibility of developing colon cancer.

6. Stop smoking
If you stop smoking at the age of 30, your life expectancy may challenge that of non-smokers. At the age of 50, you decrease the risk of dying by 50% over the next fifteen years.

Even if you have already contracted an illness related to smoking, you will benefit if you stop smoking. People who stop smoking after an incident of a heart attack seen to have reduced their chances of having a second one by almost 30%.

7. Occupy your mind
Mind related activities like learning other languages, get reading a demanding book, yes playing cards (bridge), or taking a class can help you stay alert as you get older, says Troyer Angela, the psychologist of aging and memory from Toronto. People performing this kind of activity in the elderly are less likely to suffer from dementia.

Studies show that the more time you spend in school, the more likely you will be to ward off dementia. Ultimately, learning is the brain’s fundamental activity, and the crazier you do it, the more you benefit. A crossword puzzle, a Sudoku game, or a difficult puzzle are good ways to stimulate the brain and keep it lively.

8. Get optimistic :
The ability to not continually rehash his problems is a quality that all centenarians have if we are to believe an important study on centenarians of New England. The stress causes a physiological response that affects the body, says Hymie Anisman, a neuroscience professor at the University of Carleton in the city of Ottawa. The body produces adrenaline and cortisol, substances that are intended to help you overcome short-term danger, but which can pose damage to your heart, brain, and the immune system if the state of arousal is permed.

Doctor Becca Levy of the Yale School of Public Health discovered the extraordinary benefits of an optimistic temperament. During research carried out in 1975, she interviewed 660 people on their attitude towards aging and then compared their responses with the year in which they died. “We discovered that people who had a more positive perception of aging could live up to seven and a half years longer than others,” explains Dr. Levy. “This trend continued to be confirmed even after taking into account factors such as age, gender, socioeconomic status, level of loneliness, and health status.”

9. Mingle with your friends
If you don’t like to run or eat potato chips and dip, here’s some good news. A game of poker can be just as beneficial.

Thomas Glass at the Johns Hopkins in Baltimore; for 13 years, studied the participation of 3000 people age sixty-five and over in a set of activities and discovered that social engagement can be as beneficial to life expectancy as few measures such as lowering cholesterol or lower blood pressure.

10. Be a Help to Others
During a York University study, participants were requested to be helpful or kind to a person for a few minutes a day. Six months later, these people reported feeling better self- esteem and satisfaction than the control group.

11. Frequent Sex
Having frequent or more sex can help you live longer. Even medical communities are taking health and sex-related topics seriously. Active sex reduces the chances of strokes, heart attacks, and heart-related diseases. During medical studies on a group of people, healthier people were found to be having more sex compared to non-healthier ones.

Conclusion :
Not only will good deeds raise your satisfaction index, but a lot of research shows that they also bring benefits on a physical level. Hence physical health and mind both stand equally important here Studies show that people who are used to helping others are healthier than others and that older people who volunteer may live older than others. So final words, a healthy mind, and a healthy body will help you live longer.

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